MALE: First AM Comp - Urine Profile + Metabolites (Physicians Lab)


Performed by: Physicians Lab

Biomarkers included in this panel:


11-Hydroxy-Androsterone (OHAN) is a urinary metabolite of cortisol metabolism as well as 11-oxygenated androgens production from the adrenal glands. While research is limited in the significance of elevations of this metabolite, it may be associated

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11-Hydroxy-etiocholanolone is a compound that is an end product of androgen catabolism. Androgens are important hormones in the health of both men and women. Testosterone and DHEA are metabolized into what is collectively known as the 17-keto

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The 2-Methoxy Estrogens are considered to be protective. 2-Methoxy-E1 is produced from 2-OH-E1 through the COMT enzyme. Anti-cancerogenic effects have been ascribed to 2-OH-E1 and particularly 2-Methoxy-E1. 2-Methoxy-E1 has shown antiproliferat

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5a-Androstanediol is a testosterone metabolite that is more androgenic than b-Androstanediol. It is metabolized via the 5-alpha metabolic pathway (= increased 5α-reductase activity). In contrast, the 5-beta metabolism makes androgens less poten

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Metabolized cortisol is the sum of a-tetrahydrocortisol (a-THF), b-tetrahydrocortisol (b-THF), and b-tetrahydrocortisone (b-THE). They are a good indication of the total cortisol output from the adrenal gland or clearance out the body.

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Alpha-Pregnanediol in men's urine is a significant metabolite of progesterone, and its levels can provide valuable insights into hormonal balance and potential health concerns related to progesterone and androgen metabolism.

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Alpha-Pregnanediol / Beta-Pregnanediol Ratio

Alpha-Pregnanediol and Beta-Pregnanediol are metabolites of progesterone, and they are used as surrogate markers because they are the most abundant metabolites. The ratio between these two metabolites can provide insights into the relative activity o

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Cortisol/Cortione 11B-HSD II

Cortisol / cortisone ratio indicates activity of HSD11B2 activity and assessment of tissue specific concentrations of cortisol, which normally cannot be measured without a biopsy.

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Cortisol: Metabolite Ratio

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Dehydroepiandrosterone is a 17-Ketosteroid produced primarily by the adrenal gland by side chain cleavage of 17-Hydroxy Pregnenolone. It is reversibly converted to Dehydroepiandrosterone-Sulfate and Androstenediol. It is also converted to Androstened

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Tetrahydrodeoxycortisol (THS) is a mineralocorticoid, the main urinary metabolite of 11-deoxycortisol. THS excretion is significantly associated with tetrahydroaldosterone excretion, total androgen excretion, and cortisol metabolites.

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