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DIY Health One

One Lab Report Interpretation

  • One lab report interpretation
  • Use self upload form
  • 800+ biomarkers explained
  • Recommendations
  • Pay per additional interpretations
  • Report uploading support*

15 $

Analyze and Interpret Now

*Additional costs may apply

DIY Health Track

Unlimited Lab Report Interpretations

  • Unlimited lab report interpretations
  • Use self upload form
  • 800+ biomarkers explained
  • Recommendations
  • Online support
  • We do the uploading for you*

59 $/year

Analyze and Interpret Now

*4 report uploads by our team are included per year


Bring all your tests together and our tool will provide analysis and interpretation of your results.
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  • Tracking of results
  • Science-based analysis
  • Detailed description of 800+ biomarkers
  • High and low value explanations
  • Secure online web-portal
  • Cancel and delete data any time
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