Tree Nut Allergen Panel


Performed by: Quest Diagnostics

Biomarkers included in this panel:

Almond (F20) IgE

Brazil Nut (F18) IgE

Cashew (F202) IgE

Hazelnut (F17) IgE

Macadamia Nut (rf345) IgE

Peanut Allergen

Peanut Allergen, Class 0, Specific IgE

Pecan nut (F201) IgE

Pistachio (F203) IgE

Walnut (f256) IGE

- Walnut is one of the most common causes of allergic reactions to tree nuts. - Walnut allergy is potentially life-threatening, increasing in prevalence, and rarely outgrown. - The estimated prevalence of walnut allergy in the general populatio

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