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Upload your blood lab results from paper into your dashboard. It's easy.

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Understand your blood results and see how they influence your health.

Improve your health


Improve your health through plant-based lifestyle recommendations.

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Nutrition insights


We provide you with customized plant-based nutrition plans that get you back on track!



Join our amazing fitness network with workout plans that are specifically catered towards your needs and goals.



The balance to a healthy body lies in a healthy mind. Let our coaches guide you.


 Health Dashboard 

You will get access to your own personal and secure health dashboard.



The more test results you have the clearer you will see how your lifestyle choices affect your health.


 The Latest Science 

We use the latest evidence-based guidelines, monitor for new relevant research in the fields of health, nutrition, and fitness.

Optimal ranges

 Optimal Ranges 

You and your health practitioner can set and adjust ranges that will be ideal just for you.

Special events

 Special Events 

You can make notes on your health timeline, since special events can affect your biomarkers.

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Here is an example of how our blood results graphs look like.


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A healthy lifestyle should not be a matter of money. That is why our basic plan is completely free.

  • Basic
  • For everyone who cares about a healthy life.
  • FREE
  • Track unlimited biomarkers.
  • Build your own dashboard.
  • Default optimal ranges for your markers.
  • Invite your doctor and share your results in a personal mailbox.

  • Exclusive
  • For people who actively want to work on their health.
  • $5.99 / month
  • ALL from 'Basic'.
  • Define custom optimal ranges.
  • Track special events that might influence your biomarkers.
  • Get lifestyle recommendations and videos for your biomarkers.

  • Professional
  • For doctors and professional health practitioners
  • FREE
  • Access and track your patients' results.
  • Adjust individual optimal ranges.
  • Create individual recommendations.

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