Healthmatters provides a secure platform to store your health data and advanced visual tools to help you track and measure actions that support your health.

Do you have multiple laboratory test results? Bring all your medical test data into one secure place.

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Bringing a history of medical tests results onto your private health dashboard gives you a great advantage: the digitized history of your medical test data creates a whole and complete picture of your health. With our visualization tools, your history of tests will reveal health trends that are hard to spot on separate test results. Our personal health dashboard makes sharing of your health data very simple and getting multiple opinions and recommendations from doctors very quick.

Why should I upload my laboratory test results to the digital health dashboard from HealthMatters?

All test results in one place

Bring your history of laboratory test results into our digital health dashboard to see a complete picture of your health.

Track and measure

Our personal health dashboard provides you with tools that track your health progress and measure the effectiveness of the changes you make.

Share with your medical professional

You can choose to share information from your personal health dashboard with any doctor you want. Upload your health data to your dashboard and then invite your doctor to see it. Your doctor can provide immediate recommendations for you inside your dashboard.

Secure and Private

At HealthMatters, we're committed to maintaining the security and confidentiality of your personal information. We've put sophisticated and tested security measures in place to help protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information under our control.

What are the advantages of the digital dashboard from HealthMatters?


You can upload as many past and future medical tests results as you want. If you need help uploading test results we’re happy to help you. The more results you have in your dashboard the more complete overview we can provide of your health status.


The digitized history of your medical test data creates a comprehensive picture of your health. With our visualization tools, your history of tests will reveal lifestyle trends that are hard to spot on separate test results. We encourage you to gather and upload as many health test results as possible.


Our database currently supports more than 300+ biomarkers. And we’re constantly updating our database with new markers as our users need them.


With our visualization tools it’s easier than ever to understand health improvements over time. By tracking and monitoring data you will clearly understand how lifestyle changes impact your health.


Get detailed descriptions of all biomarkers. Our up to date researchers gather information that will help you learn about biomarkers and what they mean so you can understand what your blood tells you.


You’re not simply an average of somebody. That’s why we give you tools to set optimal zones for biomarkers. You and your medical professional can adjust optimal zones for biomarkers, this way you can work towards the goal that suits you best.

How does it work?

1. Choose your plan.
Single test upload for $15 or unlimited test upload subscription for $59 per year.

2. Gather test results.
Gather your blood test results from your doctor, insurance company, etc

3. Upload all test results.
You can manually upload test results, or we can help you upload them for a small fee.