Muscle Health

Keeping your muscles healthy will help you to be able to walk, run, jump, lift things, play ... Healthy muscles let you move freely and keep your body strong.


Optimal range: 3.3 - 10.3 ug/L

Aldolase is an enzyme that participates in glycolysis, which is the pathway for metabolizing glucose into energy. Elevated levels of aldolase in the blood occur in diseases of muscle including Duchenne muscular dystrophy, dermatomyositis, and polymyositis.


Creatine kinase

Optimal range: 24 - 204 U/L

Creatine kinase (CK) is an enzyme that our muscles release into the bloodstream in response to physical damage. CK tests are often run to diagnose a heart attack or determine the extent of a sports related injuy. 



Creatine phosphokinase (CPK)

Optimal range: 35 - 232 U/L


Optimal range: 0 - 0.03 ng/mL