Get access to innovative tools for your team and patients


  • Automate your lab result import process

    Sophisticated tools extract readings from lab produced HL7, PDF and HTML files.
    Customisable rules link these to your patients and biomarkers, allowing you to automate the importing of 1000's of tests at a time.

  • Manage channels

    Import by direct upload or set up 'Channels' which connect securely to remote locations such as Azure storage, Dropbox and many more.
    Channels can be scheduled to check for new files and track which ones have been imported.

  • Organize your team

    Invite anyone in your team from health professionals to adminstrative staff, and keep your processes secure with granular access control.


  • Use your own brand and logos

    It's important for your patients to feel at home. As part of our free onboarding service we will customize the look and feel of your portal, front page and notification emails to match your brand.

  • Create relevant biomarkers

    Create biomarkers and categories using your own descriptions, units and optimal ranges.
    Adjust optimal ranges for each biomarker, or customize based on age, gender, activity levels or personal goals.

  • Give feedback that counts

    Examine trends and write a personalised assessments with each new set of results, linking to any sources you like, which your patients can refer back to at any time.


  • Use powerful visualisation tools

    Interactive graphs show patients their results over time, against optimal ranges, with draggable timeline bars and quick access to the originating test for each result.

  • Provide rich information

    In addition to personal assessments, each graph and result links to rich customisable descriptions which are editable for every Biomarker and Category. This creates an engaging and interactive learning resource for patients.

  • Communicate securely with your patients

    Keep all communication with your patients in one place. Our secure messaging tool will help you stay connected with your patients.


  • Free onboarding

    We want you to succeed. That's why we give you 15 days (starting from order confirmation, which takes 2-3 days) to import your patients and customise you platform before we start the billing cycle.

  • Fanatic support

    We will be here to answer all your technical problems and resolve technical issues in the fastest time we can.
    Our developers are also at hand to cater for unanticipated needs, such as creating a customised tool to extract results from a particular lab's PDF files.

  • Free training

    Our tool is meant to be very intuitive. We designed it with you in mind. But as with anything new it might require fast training. We will happily assist you with this, or anything else, via video call.

Your Privacy And Security

At HealthMatters, we're committed to maintaining the security and confidentiality of your personal information. We've put security measures in place to help protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information under our control. We use procedural, physical and electronic security methods designed to prevent people who aren't authorized from getting access to this information. Our internal code of conduct adds additional privacy protection. See our Privacy Policy for more information.