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Do you have the knowledge and proven methods to help your clients?
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  • Fully branded health dashboard
  • Custom intake form
  • Tailored laboratory test packages
  • Direct connection with test laboratories of your choice
  • Custom recommendations and content
  • Communication tools
  • Notification tool
  • Visualization tools
  • Tracking tools

Build your practice. Upsell your services. Communicate with your clients online.
Make it easier for clients to get that they are capable of bringing their health to the next level.


We provide a private health dashboard for your clients. The dashboard is highly customizable and fully branded to reflect your personal practice. Starting from your logo, custom content, database and descriptions. You can build your platform into an exciting tool your clients will feel inspired to use.

There are many useful online tools designed to engage clients to stay healthy and help them reach their health goals. We deliver a synergy of all these technologies into a single easy to use platform. We’re committed to creating the best experience possible for professionals and their clients.

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Your digital practice your way

Customize your practice dashboard with your logo and your custom information.

Build intake form

Create a health questionnaire to learn more about your clients.

Build custom health groups and custom optimal ranges

Create your health categories around specific biomarkers. You can even adjust the optimal ranges for all biomarkers and for specific clients based on age, gender, ethnicity, activity levels and goals.

Test results

Receive test result data directly from your partner labs. Our sophisticated tools extract readings from lab produced HL7, PDF and HTML files.

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Your clients are leading busy lives. We designed tools to help you interact with them and to help them achieve their health goals.

Track your client’s progress

Our cutting-edge platform helps you track your client's progress over time and measure the effectiveness of actions they are taking to improve their health.

Communication tools that help engage clients

With built-in reminders and notifications, your only job is to ensure assessments are delivered on time.

Create valuable content

Provide content that teaches your clients about health and is relevant to their lives. Develop tailor-made content for lifestyle and nutritional recommendations.



Automate your lab result import process

Sophisticated tools extract readings from lab produced HL7, PDF and HTML files. Customizable rules link these to your clients and biomarkers, allowing you to automate the importing of 1000's of tests at a time.

Organize your team

Invite all your team members onto the platform, from health professionals to administrative staff. Keep your processes secure with granular access control.

Manage channels

Import by direct upload or set up 'Channels' which connect securely to remote locations such as an Azure storage location, Dropbox and many more. Files from channels can be automatically imported and tracked.

Your client database

Import your existing client data. During the onboarding process we’ll help you import data from your existing clients, including their laboratory test history.

Our tool is meant to be highly intuitive. We designed it with you in mind.

Free onboarding

We want you to succeed. That’s why the onboarding comes at zero additional cost to your practice.

Responsive and Friendly Support Team

We’ll be here to answer all your technical problems and resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Free training

Our tool is meant to be highly intuitive. We designed it with you in mind. But with anything new it might require a bit of fast-track training. We’ll be happy to assist you with training via video call.

Start your own digital medical practice
for only $2.50 per client per month*

Create my practice