Is HealthMatters a medical device or a drug?

No. HealthMatters helps support adherence to behavioral and lifestyle choices by enabling tracking of health data, providing explanations about the data and engaging users and motivating them to live a healthier life. It is health and wellness app that can help change behavior. It is not a therapy or treatment for heart disease.

Do you provide medical advice or explanations?

No. HealthMatters doesn’t provide any medical or wellness advice. It helps you track your health, adhere with the treatment prescribed to you and helps you understand your health. For medical advice please always consult with your doctor.

How do you keep my privacy?

Your medical data is yours. We will never sell data or do anything with it without your clear permission. See our Privacy policy.

Is this service secured?

Yes, completely, we use bank level security. Your data is encrypted and we are working according to HIPAA.

Will my employer receive any personal information if I use HealthMatters for Health Plans?

No. If you are using the employer versions, HealthMatters for Health Plans, your employer will NOT receive any personal health information about you or your use of the HealthMatters app. Check out our Privacy policy

Why do doctors love HealthMatters?

It enables them to see the full view of your medical condition, and makes sure they can make the best decisions on your health.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

In case you forgot your password, please go here.

I have some feedback, can we talk?

Sure, we want to hear everything you have to say. Shoot us an email – support@healthmatters.io.

Can I pay with Paypal?

Yes. If you want to pay via Paypal, here are our two options:

Health Matters Essential Plan - $15/month

Health Matters Advanced Plan - $79/year