Organic Acids, Plasma

Organic Acids, Urine assay, is the preferred test when screening for inherited disorders of metabolism. This plasma test is not as sensitive and will only detect the organic acids listed.

2-Keto-3-Methylvaleric Acid

Optimal range: 10 - 30 umol/L

2-Ketoisocaproic Acid

Optimal range: 20 - 75 umol/L

2-Ketoisovaleric Acid

Optimal range: 3 - 20 umol/L

3-Oh-Butyric Acid

Optimal range: 0 - 30 umol/L

Acetoacetic Acid

Optimal range: 0 - 66 umol/L

Citric Acid

Optimal range: 0 - 100 umol/L

Citric acid, cis-aconitic acid, and isocitric acid are the first three metabolites in the Krebs Citric Acid energy production cycle, which operates in the mitochondria of your cells.


Lactic Acid

Optimal range: 600 - 2600 umol/L

Formed from pyruvate in anaerobic or oxygen-starved (hypoxic) conditions to allow for ongoing production of ATP.


Pyruvic Acid

Optimal range: 20 - 140 umol/L

Pyruvic Acid feeds into the citric acid cycle & converts into acetyl CoA. Pyruvate is formed from carbohydrate via glucose or glycogen & secondarily from fats (glycerol) & glycogenic amino acids. Pyruvic acid is also formed from lactic acid with O2 and zinc.


Succinic Acid

Optimal range: 16 - 25 umol/L

Succinate (or succinic acid) is an important metabolite that is involved in several chemical processes in the body.