Our mission is to help people improve their health and therefore their lives.

Guiding our user since 2015 to promptly understand, track, and act on their laboratory results.

About Us

We're a family-owned business, and our aim is to maintain that personal touch. Every aspect of our operations is carefully managed by us, and we actively use the Healthmatters platform ourselves.

With our small team, we can swiftly incorporate feedback from our users and prioritize changes that enhance the software's usability the most. Importantly, we never sell or share our clients' data. We treat our clients' data with the same level of care and security as we would our own.

Moreover, we're committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. Allowing our team members to work remotely reduces our carbon footprint, and we've eliminated paper usage entirely. We promote a plant-based diet and collaborate with companies like Climeworks to remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere.


The first version of Healthmatters is live. With the guidance of our early adopters, we continue building the tool they want to use.

Our research team added more than 500 biomarkers to a science-based research database.


We collaborated with a functional medicine practice to provide the platform to track the suite of test results data.

Our users can track more than 1000 biomarkers. Our research team added an additional 500 biomarkers to the database.


The second version of Healthmatters is live with updated functionalities and improved security measures.

Our research team added an additional 500 biomarkers to the database.


A new collaboration with a sports medicine practice helped shape the new software of great use to sport and nutrition practitioners and their clients.


Our research team added more than 2000 biomarkers to our database.


Healthmatters collaborated with a medical laboratory. The outcome is a software platform that helps people view their COVID-19 results.

We launched the Healthmatters Pro platform that helps small practices or individual health practitioners to track lab results from multiple labs for their clients.


We've launched our laboratory test templates, streamlining the process of entering data. Additionally, our research team has expanded our database by adding over 2200 biomarkers.


Our research team has diligently added and reviewed a plethora of new research on biomarkers, ensuring we offer the most compelling and up-to-date biomarker database online. Additionally, we've expanded our library of lab report templates, making bringing reports directly to your dashboard more effortless and seamless.


We've revamped the "All tests" view with a fresh look. It's now more appealing and user-friendly, making it effortless to access all your reports, add notes, and view your history with just one click. Additionally, when you download the report, you'll get the entire history of biomarkers included.


We're currently focused on conducting further research, enhancing customization options, and refining seamless user flows for your benefit.