Tricarballylic (Males Age 13 and Over)

Optimal Result: 0 - 0.58 mmol/mol creatinine.

Tricarballylic acid is a chemical by-product released from fumonisins during passage through the GI tract. Fumonisins are fungal toxins produced primarily by F. verticillioides. Tricarballylic acid is an inhibitor of the enzyme aconitase and therefore interferes with the Krebs cycle.

Tricarballylic acid, when elevated in an Organic Acid Test (OAT), can indicate several potential health implications.

What does it mean if your Tricarballylic (Males Age 13 and Over) result is too high?

High tricarballylic acid could be caused by the intake of corn or corn-based food contaminated with fumonisins, a group of mycotoxins produced primarily by F. verticillioides, and other related species.

Tricarballylic acid is released from fumonisins during passage through the gastrointestinal tract. Tricarballylic acid is an inhibitor of the enzyme aconitase and therefore interferes with the Krebs cycle. The main symptoms of aconitase deficiency are myopathy and exercise intolerance. It may also act as a magnesium chelator.

Tricarballylic acid is also metabolite of a component of a substance in modified corn starch, octenylsuccinic acid, found in a number of infant formulas such as Nutramigen, Vivonex, and Pregestimil.

In addition, tricarballylic acid is a byproduct of beet sugar and maple sugar refining and might appear after ingestion of these sugars.

Tricarballylic acid is also released from fumonisins upon certain food processing conditions.

Clinical syndromes due to the intact mycotoxin are rare and characterized by abdominal pain and diarrhea.

A specific role for fumonisins in the development of neural tube defects was suggested after the appearance of a cluster of such defects in Texas associated with consumption of corn from the heavily fumonisin-contaminated 1989 corn crop. More recent studies have shown that fumonisin B1 inhibits folate metabolism in cultured cells. Confirmation of Fusarium species can be done by the urine Mycotoxin test of The Great Plains Laboratory/Mosaic Diagnostics.

It's important to note that the interpretation of tricarballylic acid levels in an OAT should be done by a healthcare provider, as it may require further clinical assessment and targeted interventions. Elevated tricarballylic acid levels can be a marker of underlying issues that need attention, and addressing the root causes may involve dietary adjustments, mineral supplementation, or other treatments based on the individual's specific health profile.

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