Optimal Result: 0 - 1.3 mmol/mol creatinine.

The presence of organic compounds such as p-Hydroxybenzoate in the urine may point towards significant dysbiosis (=impaired microbiota). p-Hydroxybenzoat may reflect intestsinal overgrowth, usually accomanied by microbal hyperpermeability.

What does it mean if your 4-Hydroxybenzoic result is too high?

4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid is a marker for intestinal dysbiosis. Results may also show elevated values as a result of ingestion of foods such as jams and pie fillings containing paraben preservatives. The use of probiotics and the exclusion of paraben-containing foods is the first treatment consideration.

Take appropriate steps to ensure favorable gut microflora population.

Other ways to improve your gut bacteria:

1. Eat Lots of Vegetables, Legumes, Beans and Fruit
2. Cut out artifical sweeteners
3. Eat Fermented Foods
4. Eat Prebiotic Foods
5. Eat Whole Grains
6. Eat a Plant-Based Diet
7. Eat Foods Rich in Polyphenols
8. Avoid storing or heating food and drinks in plastic


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