Optimal Result: 1000 - 5000 mmol/mol creatinine.

Phosphoric acid is a marker of vitamin D and calcium. This marker indicates whether vitamin D receptors are activated. If phosphoric acid is low, then the person is likely vitamin D and/or calcium deficient. Low levels can be due to low phosphate consumption, low digestive juice production, or deficiencies in vitamin D, vitamin K2, or magnesium.

What does it mean if your Phosphoric result is too low?

Low phosphoric acid or its base conjugate phosphate is associated with the following:

- hypoparathyroidism,

- pseudohypoparathyroidism,

- low nutritional phosphate intake (unusual on a Western diet),

- parathyroidectomy,

- and vitamin D deficiency.

Phosphate excretion is directly proportional to dietary intake and is highly variable. Phosphate excretion is diurnal with lowest values occurring in the early morning.

Testing for vitamin D status should be considered.

What does it mean if your Phosphoric result is too high?

High levels of phosphoric acid may indicate that the person is supplementing with too much vitamin D. High levels can be also related to poor diet (high phosphate consumption from processed foods) and/or lead toxicity. This increases bone turnover and poor bone formation.

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