Immunoglobulin D, Quant, Serum

Immune System

A healthy result should fall into the range 0 - 14.11 mg/dL.

Immunoglobulin D (IgD) is an antibody isotype that makes up about 1% of proteins in the plasma membranes of immature B-lymphocytes where it is usually coexpressed with another cell surface antibody called IgM.

Remains in the bloodstream to fight bacteria. Functions mainly as an antigen receptor on B cells that have not been exposed to antigens. It has been shown to activate basophils and mast cells to produce antimicrobial factors.

Immunoglobulin D, Quant, Serum result calculator

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What does it mean if your Immunoglobulin D, Quant, Serum result is too low?

Little is known about the normal function of IgD, and few clinical signs or symptoms are associated with its absence. Those with low or absent IgD do not appear unusually predisposed to infection.

What does it mean if your Immunoglobulin D, Quant, Serum result is too high?

The function of IgD is unclear. A high level may mean IgD multiple myeloma, which is much less common than IgA or IgG multiple myeloma.

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