Pseudoflavonifractor spp.

Optimal Result: 13000 - 29000000 CFU/g stool.

Small group made up of two species: Pseudoflavonifractor capillosus and Pseudoflavonifractor phocaeensis.

Pseudoflavonifractor spp. has been positively associated with weight loss.

Study participants who succeeded in losing weight consistently had a Faecalibacterium prausnitzii and Roseburia spp., which are favored at a microbiota enriched in Pseudoflavonifractor at baseline.



What does it mean if your Pseudoflavonifractor spp. result is too low?

Decreased in long-term users of proton pump inhibitors.

What does it mean if your Pseudoflavonifractor spp. result is too high?

- Abundance associated with higher bacterial gene richness in the gut.

- This marker might be elevated in IBS, IBD, Metabolic Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Auto-immune, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and mood disorder.

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