Proteus mirabilis

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Proteus is Gram-negative bacteria belonging to the Enterobacteriaceae family. Proteus spp. are considered opportunistic pathogens, isolated from urine, stool, and wounds.

Proteus are a common cause of nosocomial infections in patients with impaired immunity.

Proteus is widespread in the environment and considered part of the normal GI flora. Proteus spp. are found in soil or water habitats and are often regarded as indicators of fecal contamination.

The chemical structure of Proteus’ lipopolysaccharides plays an important role in how it adapts to the environment and its pathogenicity. In impaired immunity, Proteusbacteria become opportunistic. Cross infection with the urinary tract is common.

Proteus species in the stool are considered normal flora, but have been shown to cause diarrheal illness.

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