Anaerotruncus colihominis


A healthy result should fall into the range 0 - 3.2 CFU/g stool.

Anaerotruncus colihomonis (pronounced “an-AERO-trunk-us colly-HOM-in-iss”) is a newly described bacterial genus and species isolated from the stool specimens of children. Its clinical significance, however, is unknown.

The species is found only relatively infrequently in the human gut. It comes from the genus Anaerotruncus, which contains just this one species. The genus name comes from the Greek words “an” and “aero”, meaning respectively “without” and “air”, and the Latin word “truncus”, which means “stick”—making the overall name “a stick that lives without air”, since the cells of this bacterial genus are rod-like in shape and live in the absence of oxygen. The species name “colihominis” means “of the gut of man”.

Anaerotruncus colihominis does not appear to be associated with any particular health disorder.


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