Optimal Result: 1 - 9 micromol/g creatinine.

Phosphoethanolamine is an intermediate in the serine-to-choline sequence. It is both a precursor and byproduct of phospholipid biosynthesis and breakdown. As a precursor to the phospholipid phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphoethanolamine plays a key role in myelination. Elevated phosphoethanolamine reflects brain phospholipid turnover, an indicator of neural membrane synthesis and signal transduction. Research into neurologic conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and Huntington’s disease suggests that depletions of both phosphoethanolamine and ethanolamine accompany neuronal death. Phosphoethanolamine is also important in cartilage structure and function, especially in bone and teeth.


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What does it mean if your Phosphoethanolamine result is too low?

Decreased levels of precursors in the production of phosphoethanolamine, or lack of cofactors needed within the pathway, may contribute to low levels. Clinically, reduced plasma levels of phosphoethanolamine have been significantly correlated with depressed mood, diminished interest or pleasure, psychomotor change, psychomotor retardation, and major depressive disorder (MDD), making this a potential biomarker for MDD. Habitual alcohol intake was also a related to low phosphoethanolamine levels.

What does it mean if your Phosphoethanolamine result is too high?

Magnesium and manganese are enzymatic cofactors in the metabolism of phosphoethanolamine. Deficiencies in these nutrients may contribute to elevated levels.

The precursor to phosphoethanolamine is ethanolamine. Gut microbiome imbalances can influence ethanolamine levels. With that, elevated phosphoethanolamine has also been associated with gastrointestinal microbiome imbalance. Clinically, elevated phosphoethanolamine is associated with a rare condition called hypophosphatasia which results in the abnormal development of teeth and bones. Zinc and magnesium deficiencies further complicate this condition.

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