Optimal Result: 0 - 6.7 ug/g creat.


Radiologic testing contrast, paint, bricks, ceramics, glass and rubber. Air, water, and food. Fish and aquatic organisms can accumulate barium.


Barium toxicity can induce severe hypokalemia.


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What does it mean if your Barium result is too high?


- Barium is excreted mainly in feces and urine within 1-2 weeks. Can deposit in bones and teeth.

- Barium is a competitive potassium channel antagonist blocking the passive efflux of intracellular potassium. Barium toxicity can cause hypokalemia.


- Barium compounds that do not dissolve well in water, such as barium sulfate, are generally not harmful.

- Water soluble forms can cause cardiac dysrhythmias, GI disturbances, muscular weakness, vomiting.

- Electrolyte abnormalities can induce cardiac dysrhythmia, muscle cramping/paralysis, and vomiting. Nephropathy is also possible based on direct renal toxicity.

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