A healthy result should fall into the range 0 - 2.2 mcg/mg creatinine.

Formiminoglutamate (FIGLU) is a functional marker of insufficiency of folic acid, another B-vitamin, and is a compound made from the amino acid histidine.

Pregnant women especially need to have adequate folic acid to prevent birth defects. Folic acid insufficiency can play a role in childhood development problems, depression, immune function, and is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Insufficiency of folic acid leads to high urinary Formiminoglutamate.

Formiminoglutamate result calculator

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What does it mean if your Formiminoglutamate result is too high?

High levels can indicate:

  • insufficient folic acid
  • increased alcohol consumption
  • excessive consumption of processed foods
  • oral contraception

Smoking and pregnancy will all have a detrimental impact on folic acid absorption.


Common symptoms may include:

  • anemia
  • fatigue
  • elevated homocysteine
  • ischemic heart disease
  • stroke
  • deep vein thrombosis.

Pregnant women especially need to have adequate folic acid to prevent birth defects.

Folic acid insufficiency can play a role in:

  • childhood development problems
  • depression
  • immune function

Folic acid insufficiency is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Possible treatment options if high:

  • consider supplementing with folic acid.
  • stop consumption of alcohol.
  • if homocysteine is elevated, consider using 5-methyltetrahydrofolate.

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