A healthy result should fall into the range 0 - 11.5 mcg/mg creatinine.

Beta-Hydroxyisovalerate is a sensitive indicator of biotin deficiency and is a metabolite of the amino acid isoleucine.

Until recently, biotin deficiency was very difficult to determine in humans because this vitamin deficiency affects health in ways that mimic many other conditions. Doctors were likely to overlook biotin deficiency until this test was discovered.

Beta-Hydroxyisovalerate result calculator

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What does it mean if your Beta-Hydroxyisovalerate result is too high?

Beta-Hydroxyisovalerate is a specific and sensitive metabolic marker for functional biotin deficiency. As your biotin intake decreases, your beta-hydroxyisovalerate excretion increases. Biotin deficiencies develop for a number of reasons, including pregnancyantibiotic usedysbiosis (microbial imbalance) and anticonvulsant therapy (treatment of neuropathic pain.

It is important to remember that raw egg whites are rich in the glycoprotein, avidin which binds with biotin leading to a deficiency.


Symptoms can include:

  • hair loss
  • skin rash
  • dermatitis
  • immune deficiencies
  • gait disturbances
  • tremor
  • muscle weakness

Possible treatment:

  • Consider supplementing with biotin. Include biotin rich foods such as legumes, cruciferous vegetables and sweet potatoes.
  • Address dysbiosis.

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