Beta defensin 2

Optimal Result: 0 - 34.9 ng/mL.

Beta defensin 2 is an antibiotic peptide locally regulated by inflammation in humans. It is produced by a number of epithelial cells and exhibits potent antimicrobial activity against Gram-negative bacteria and Candida, but not Gram-positive bacteria. It has been speculated that beta-defensin 2 may contribute to the infrequency of Gram-negative infections on skin and lung tissue.


Elevated Human [beta]-Defensin-2 Levels Indicate an Activation of the Innate Immune System in Patients With Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Langhorst, Jost; Junge, Angela; Rueffer, Andreas; Wehkamp, Jan; Foell, Dirk; et al. The American Journal of Gastroenterology; New York Vol. 104, Iss. 2,  (Feb 2009): 404-410. [L]


What does it mean if your Beta defensin 2 result is too high?

Elevated human beta-defensin-2 levels indicate an activation of the innate immune system in patients with irritable bowel syndrome. [L] Consider broad spectrum probiotics to improve gut diversity along with probiotic foods.

Beta-defensin 2 is an antimicrobial peptide (AMP) expressed in epithelial cells. It has potent antimicrobial activity against gram-negative bacteria and Candida, but not gram-positive bacteria.

Consider dietary, lifestyle and supplement practices to improve diversity (probiotics, prebiotics, polyphenols).

Evaluate GI diversity and dysbiosis; rule out infection or yeast overgrowth. Consider Vibrant Fungal Antibodies test if Candida is negative in stool, but symptoms persist.

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