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A healthy result should fall into the range 298 - 1043 ng/dL, 10.34 - 36.19 nmol/L, or 2.98 - 10.43 ng/mL.

Testosterone is an androgen (male sex hormone) found in both men and women but in significantly larger quantities in men due to the testes. A small amount is made by our pituitary glands, and in women, by the ovaries. In pubescent boys, testosterone causes the voice to deepen, muscles to get bigger, sperm production to begin, and facial/ body hair to grow. Most of the testosterone in the blood is bound to a protein called sex hormone binding globulin, and a small amount floats freely. Typically, testosterone tests either assess the bound testosterone or the free testosterone. A total testosterone test measures both. These tests may be used to help evaluate conditions such as:

            -Decreased sex drive

            -Erectile dysfunction in men

            -Infertility in men and women

            -Delayed or accelerated puberty in boys

            -Male features (deep voice, excessive hairiness) in women

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