T3 Reverse, LC/MS/MS

Optimal Result: 8 - 25 ng/dL.

T3 Reverse, measured through the highly accurate LC/MS/MS (Liquid Chromatography with Tandem Mass Spectrometry) method, is an essential test in the realm of endocrinology, particularly for evaluating thyroid function and metabolic disorders. Reverse T3 (rT3) is a specific form of the thyroid hormone that is often checked in patients with suspected thyroid dysfunction, especially in the context of non-thyroidal illness syndrome or euthyroid sick syndrome. Unlike the active forms of thyroid hormones (T3 and T4), rT3 does not have significant biological activity but is produced as a byproduct of T4 metabolism. The LC/MS/MS method offers superior accuracy and specificity in measuring rT3 levels, making this test a valuable tool for physicians. Elevated levels of rT3 can be indicative of conditions where the body is converting T4 to rT3 instead of the active T3, often seen in states of physiological stress, critical illness, starvation, or after surgery. In these scenarios, high rT3 levels can suggest altered thyroid hormone metabolism, despite normal thyroid gland function. This test is also useful in the context of comprehensive thyroid function assessment, especially in complex cases where routine thyroid tests may not provide a complete picture.

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