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Docosadienoic (Genova)

A healthy result should fall into the range 0 - 2 µmol/L.

Docosadienoic acid is an omega-6 fatty acid. Omega-6 fatty acids are a type of polyunsaturated fat found in vegetable oils, nuts and seeds.

There are three types of fat in our diet: saturated fat, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat.

Saturated and monounsaturated fats are called non-essential fats, as our bodies can make these.

Polyunsaturated fats are essential fats that we need to obtain from our diets – the two types are omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Docosadienoic acid is an omega-6 fatty acid.

– Omega-3, omega-6 (and omega-9) fatty acids are all important dietary fats.

– Each one has a number of health benefits for your body.

It’s vital to get the right balance of omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids in your diet. An imbalance may contribute to a number of chronic diseases.

Pro-inflammatory omega-6’s are important chemicals in the immune system. However, when too many of them are produced, they can increase inflammation and inflammatory disease (L).

The Western diet contains far more omega-6 fats than necessary, and not enough omega-3 fats.

Omega-6 fats are found in large amounts in refined vegetable oils and foods cooked in vegetable oils.

Therefore, although omega-6 fats are essential in the right quantities, most people in the developed world should aim to reduce their omega-6 intake (L).

Docosadienoic acid is a very long-chain fatty acid (VLCFA). It is the elongation product of DGLA.


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Docosadienoic (Genova) result calculator

insert the value from you Docosadienoic (Genova) test result.

What does it mean if your Docosadienoic (Genova) result is too high?

Elevated levels of docosadienoic acid should appear only under conditions of dietary adequacy of LA and DGLA, together with stimulation of elongation. The latter is one effect of insulin resistance.

When omega-6 dietary fatty acids are consumed in abundance, there is an accumulation of desaturation and elongation intermediates. Diets high in fat and simple sugars contribute to obesity, inflammation, mood disorders and various other diseases [LLLL].

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