CD3-/CD16+CD56+ (%)

Optimal Result: 4 - 25 %.

The CD3-/CD16+CD56+ (%) test is a sophisticated diagnostic assay crucial in the field of immunology, offering invaluable insights into the functioning of the body’s immune system. This test specifically measures the percentage of natural killer (NK) cells, identified by the absence of CD3 and the presence of CD16 and CD56 markers, in the total lymphocyte population. NK cells are a vital component of the innate immune system, playing a key role in the body’s first line of defense against tumors, virally infected cells, and in modulating immune responses. The CD3-/CD16+CD56+ (%) test is pivotal in evaluating various immune conditions, including autoimmune diseases, chronic viral infections, and certain cancers. In oncology, alterations in the percentage of these NK cells can provide insights into tumor immunology and the body's natural ability to combat cancer. In autoimmune diseases, aberrant levels of NK cells may reflect dysregulation in the immune system. Additionally, this test holds significance in the study of reproductive health, as NK cells are involved in pregnancy, particularly in the implantation process and early placental development. High levels of NK cells are often explored in cases of recurrent miscarriages and fertility issues. Conversely, a reduced percentage of NK cells may indicate a compromised immune system.

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