A healthy result should fall into the range 0 - 1.13 wt %.

Vaccenic acid is a naturally occuring trans-fatty acid. Vaccenic acid is called this way as it is found in cow’s milk. The latin word vacca means cow.

Vaccenic acid is the most commonly occuring trans-fatty acid in ruminant fats and the meat and dairy products they provide.

Epidemiological and clinical studies have shown consistently that trans-fatty acids, such as vaccenic acid, increase cardiovascular risk and adversely affect blood lipids by raising the LDL to HDL cholesterol ratio. [L]


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– trans-Fatty acids promote proinflammatory signaling and cell death by stimulating the apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 (ASK1)-p38 pathway [L]

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Vaccenic result calculator

insert the value from you Vaccenic test result.

What does it mean if your Vaccenic result is too high?

Trans-fatty acids are increasing one’s risks of heart disease, sudden death, diabetes and potentially even aggression [LL].

– A study supports that trans-fatty acid intake, irrespective of source, increases CVD risk.

– A study found that patients with heart failure had particularly high levels of vaccenic acid in plasma and it was significantly associated with total mortality in that heart failure population.

– A cross-sectional study showed that vaccenic acid was positively associated with a reduced eGFR (=Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate), which is a marker for kidney health and hence reduced kidney function.

– Trans-fatty acid consumption is a major risk factor for various disorders, including atherosclerosis.

– Vaccenic acid intake or serum concentrations may be associated with increased cancer risk. [L]

Possible treatment options:

The National Academies of Science, concluded that the only safe intake of trans fats is zero [L]. Following a whole foods plant-based (=vegan) diet is recommended. To avoid all trans fats, avoid meat and dairy, refined oils, and anything that says “partially hydrogenated” in the ingredients list.


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