Total Estrogen


A healthy result should fall into the range 27 - 62 ng/mg.

Total estrogen is a lab test done to measure the overall estrogen status. It’s one of the reliable tests you could do for estrogen status and will detect hormone imbalances. It does not categorize the levels of estradiol (E2) and estrone (E1), but instead gives only the total amount of estrogen found in the blood.

Estrogens don’t only come from the ovaries. The adrenal glands and placenta also secrete them. Men have low levels of estrogen produced in their bodies as well as testosterone.

Normal Ranges for Total Estrogen in pg/mL: 

Adult Female (depends on the menstrual phase)


   Follicular Phase (1-12 days)  90-590 pg/mL

   Luteal Phase                         130-460 pg/mL

   Postmenopausal                    50-170 pg/mL

Adult Male                                 60-190 pg/mL


Critical Range: anything outside the limits mentioned above.  




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