2-Methoxy-E2 Postmenopausal

Optimal Result: 0 - 0.4 ng/mg.

The biomarker 2-Methoxy-E2 is part of the phase 2 metabolism.

2-Methoxy estrogens is produced from 2-OH estrogens through the COMT enzyme. Anti-cancerogenic effects have been ascribed to 2-OH estrogensand particularly 2-Methoxy estrogens.

2-Methoxy-estrogen has shown antiproliferative effects in both hormone-dependent and hormone-independent breast cancer cells. These studies have shown that urinary 2-Methoxy estrogen levels were lower in breast cancer patients than controls.

Phase 2 metabolism (methylation):

After estrogens go through phase 1 detoxification, they move on to methylation which is part of phase 2 detoxification. Methylation, in essence, “neutralizes” the phase 1 metabolites and prepares them to be excreted out of the body instead of shuttling them back into circulation. Only 2-OH and 4-OH estrogens are methylated. 16-OH-E1 is not.

What does it mean if your 2-Methoxy-E2 Postmenopausal result is too low?

Identify cause:

- If 2-OH and 4-OH estrogens are high, then low 2-Methoxy estrogen is likely the result of poor methylation.

- Follow your doctors methylation treatment recommendations.

- If 2/16 ratio is also low, then low 2-Methoxy estrogen may be indicating a CYP imbalance.

- Follow your doctors recommendations for improving a low 2/16 ratio.

- If total estrogen metabolite production is low, then consider direct assessment of estrogen levels.

- Ensure adequate COMT function via methyl donors such as SAMe, B12, folic acid, and B6.

- Poor cancer protection

- Associated with preeclampsia

What does it mean if your 2-Methoxy-E2 Postmenopausal result is too high?

- Generally no treatment recommended

- Ensure adequate phase II detoxification

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