Optimal Result: 0 - 45 Units.

The LP-IR score assesses an individual’s insulin resistance level and diabetes risk.

The Lipoprotein insulin resistance (LP-IR) score, an assessment of insulin resistance that combines the results of 6 lipoprotein particle numbers and sizes based on their differential strengths of association with insulin resistance. The results are reported on a scale ranging from 0 (most insulin sensitive) to 100 (most insulin resistant).

LP-IR Score is inaccurate if you were non-fasting.


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What does it mean if your LP-IR Score result is too high?

- Elevated LP-IR levels are associated with an increased type II diabetes mellitus risk.

- The higher your number, the greater probability of insulin resistance. For optimal health you want that number lower.

- Results of various studies indicate that while LP–IR scores cannot be used as a diagnostic criteria for “pre-diabetes” or T2D, an elevated LP–IR score seems to indicate a predisposition to develop diabetes.

- Lifestyle modifications such as following a whole foods, plant based vegan diet can help to improve insulin resistance defined by LP-IR. For intervention with medication, please talk to your doctor. 

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