2-Hydroxyhippuric acid

Optimal Result: 0 - 1.42 mmol/mol.

2-Hydroxyhippuric Acid (salicylic acid) is as an aryl glycine conjugate formed by the body to eliminate excess salicylates, including aspirin. Elevated levels can be caused by excessive intake of aspirin or the growth of salicylate-producing gastrointestinal bacteria. It has also been shown that more salicylic acid is excreted in the urine of vegetarians than in non-vegetarians, primarily because fruits and vegetables are important sources of dietary salicylates.

What does it mean if your 2-Hydroxyhippuric acid result is too high?

High 2-hydroxyhippuric acid may result from: 

- ingestion of aspartame (Nutrasweet)

- salicylates (aspirin)

- dietary salicylates

- from GI bacteria converting tyrosine or phenylalanine to salicylic acid. 

Very high 2-hydroxyhippuric also inhibits dopamine beta-hydroxylase resulting in elevated HVA, decreased VMA, and elevated HVA/VMA ratio.

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