HMW Glutenin IgG

Optimal Result: 0 - 0.9 Units.

HMW (high molecular weight) glutenin is a protein component found in wheat gluten. Gluten is a mixture of proteins found in wheat, barley, and rye that provides the elasticity and texture in dough and other baked goods.

The gluten proteins can be divided into two main groups: the gliadins and the glutenins. The glutenins can be further divided into the low molecular weight (LMW) glutenins and the high molecular weight (HMW) glutenins.

The HMW glutenins are larger and more complex proteins than the LMW glutenins, and they play an important role in determining the quality and elasticity of wheat dough. The HMW glutenins are involved in the formation of strong and stable gluten networks, which are essential for producing high-quality bread and other baked goods.

Scientists have found that the genetic makeup of the HMW glutenin proteins can affect the baking quality and nutritional properties of wheat. This has led to efforts to develop wheat varieties with specific HMW glutenin genes that produce better-quality bread or have improved nutritional properties.

In individuals with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, the immune system reacts to certain gluten proteins, including HMW glutenin, leading to inflammation and damage to the small intestine. This can cause a range of symptoms and long-term health problems.

The presence of antibodies to HMW glutenin in the blood can be used as a diagnostic tool for celiac disease, along with other markers such as antibodies to gliadin and tissue transglutaminase. Testing for these antibodies can help healthcare professionals confirm a diagnosis of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity and guide appropriate treatment and management.

What does it mean if your HMW Glutenin IgG result is too high?

Antibodies to HMW (high molecular weight) glutenin are immunoglobulins produced by the immune system in response to the presence of HMW glutenin proteins in the body. These antibodies are part of the immune system's defense mechanism against foreign substances, including harmful pathogens and substances that the body recognizes as allergens or antigens.

In the context of celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, individuals with these conditions produce antibodies to certain gluten proteins, including HMW glutenin. These antibodies recognize and bind to the HMW glutenin proteins, triggering an immune response that can cause inflammation and damage to the lining of the small intestine.

It is important to note that the production of antibodies to HMW glutenin alone is not sufficient to diagnose celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Additional testing, such as a small intestinal biopsy, may be necessary to confirm the diagnosis.

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