Eggerthella lenta

Optimal Result: 0 - 20 Relative Abundance.

Eggerthella lenta is a normal human microflora that is anaerobic, non-sporulating, and Gram positive. However, an increasing number of studies have shown that it could also be an important pathogen for humans, even causing life-threatening infection under certain conditions. However, understanding its pathogenic mechanism and treatment options still need to be improved; more clinical data are needed to explore it further. The frequency of E. lenta bacteremia is increased in patients with hematologic or solid organ cancer, diabetes mellitus and also in those with appendicitis.

Eggerthella lenta was first described by Arnold Eggerth in 1935 , which was originally named Eubacterium lentumE. lenta is a normal bacterium that can colonize the human gut, female reproductive tract, oral cavity, and prostate gland. Due to the nature of strictly anaerobic and slow growth, E. lenta is difficult to culture and identify. Although, until recently, several microbial identification techniques, particularly mass spectrometry, were used to identify bacteria, an increasing number of E. lenta infections in humans have been reported, referring to bloodstream infection, liver abscess, bacterial vaginosis and meningitis. However, a unified standard treatment and its pathogenic mechanism have not yet been recognized.


Jiang, S., E, J., Wang, D. et al. Eggerthella lenta bacteremia successfully treated with ceftizoxime: case report and review of the literature. Eur J Med Res 26, 111 (2021).

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POTENTIAL ASSOCIATED RISK: Diabetes, Metabolic health

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