Testosterone (DUTCH)


A healthy result should fall into the range 2.3 - 14 ng/mg.

Testosterone in Men

Lower levels in men are increasingly common and can lead to fatigue, apathy, loss of muscle mass and strength. Low or low normal levels in young to middle aged men can be an indicator of environmental toxicity.42-44 High levels are rarely seen except in cases of over-supplementation. Testosterone metabolizes to more potent androgens via 5α-reductase and aromatizes to estradiol. Testosterone in men should be evaluated in relationship to estrogens in order to evaluate possible over-aromatization.

Testosterone in Women

The main male sex hormone, testosterone is also important for women. Optimizing testosterone in women with low or low-normal levels may improve poor libido, vaginal dryness, muscle mass, and overall sense of optimism and well-being. Low levels may be due to low DHEA precursor or adrenal stress. High levels are common in PCOS or may be a sign of over-supplementation.

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