A healthy result should fall into the range 2.3 - 14 ng/mg.

Epi-Testosterone is one of several naturally-occurring testosterone compounds in the body that act as steroids. In the average male, four times as much testosterone is produced as Epi-Testosterone. 

The Epi-Testosterone test is usually ordered to see if an athlete (or police officer sometimes) has been taking non-prescription testosterone in any way, shape or form. Then the levels of Epi-Testosterone are compared to the levels of testosterone. The reasoning here is that if testosterone is being taken, then Epi-Testosterone levels will not show an appropriate increase.

Normal Ranges for Epitestosterone in ng/mL:

Men: 4 times as much testosterone as Epi-Testosterone, or less (Studies show ratios in athletes from 1/1 to 1.5/1 although there may be ethnic variation.)

Ratio >4 parts testosterone: 1 part Epi-Testosterone means there may be possible doping. (The original guidelines were a ratio of 6:1 in 1982.)

Critical Range: Epi-Testosterone urine levels >200 ng/mL is definitive and means there is some doping occurring.)

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Epi-Testosterone result calculator

insert the value from you Epi-Testosterone test result.

What does it mean if your Epi-Testosterone result is too low?

Taking testosterone medications prescribed by your doctor will increase testosterone but show a low level of Epi-Testosterone. If Epi-Testosterone levels are too low compared to testosterone in the urine, it may indicate that exogenous testosterone (extra sources of testosterone) are being taken. Additional tests will be run to confirm if this is true.

When there are low levels of Epi-Testosterone in women, this can be accompanied by excess facial and body hair, plus the stopping of the menstrual cycles. 

What does it mean if your Epi-Testosterone result is too high?

If your levels are too high, it does not automatically mean you are taking extra testosterone (and doping). 

High levels of testosterone (and possibly Epi-Testosterone too) may occur if you have a testosterone-secreting tumor or other hormonal disorder. That’s because these are both naturally-occurring testosterone compounds produced by your own body.

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