Optimal Result: 0 - 0.002 µg/g.

There is no specific information available regarding the significance of thorium in hair analysis. Thorium is a radioactive element, and its presence in hair analysis is not commonly assessed for health or diagnostic purposes. Hair analysis is typically used to measure the levels of essential and non-essential minerals and elements in the body, but radioactive elements like thorium are not part of routine hair analysis. If you have concerns about exposure to thorium or its potential health effects, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or a specialist in radiation exposure. They can provide guidance on appropriate tests and evaluations to assess any potential health risks associated with radioactive substances like thorium. For information specific to thorium and its effects on health or its significance in hair analysis, it may be necessary to consult scientific literature or experts in the field of radiobiology and radiation exposure.

Correlations among the levels of thorium (Th) in hair and other tissues have yet to be established. However, recent studies performed at DDI found significantly elevated levels of Th in hair in sub-populations in India where levels of Th are naturally high in the environment.

Th is a radioactive element with 13 known isotopes; 232Th constitutes 99% of the naturallyoccurring Th. 232Th is the isotope measured at DDI and reported for this sample. 232Th has a half-life of 1.410 years. It decays by alpha-emission to produce radon, 228Ra. In turn 228Ra (half-life 6.7 years) decays to other radioactive isotopes, and eventually converts to lead. This radioactive decay process produces alpha, beta, and gamma emissions.

Th is considered mildly toxic for two reasons, the low-level radioactivity and slight biochemical toxicity. Th salts at high levels may inhibit amylase and phosphatase enzymes. Most orally ingested Th, if not excreted in urine, binds to bone tissue where it has a long biological halflife (years). Th has about the same abundance in the earth as does lead and is encountered in mining for titanium and rare earth elements. Commercially, Th is used in incandescent gas lantern mantles, refractory materials, and as a coating for tungsten in electronic applications. Th may also be present in tungsten-inert-gas (TIG) welding electrodes.

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