Optimal Result: 7 - 16 µg/g.

Iron is required in hemoglobin for transporting oxygen in the blood, for detoxification and for energy production in the cells. Iron is found in lean meats, organ meats, shellfish, molasses, beans, whole-grain cereals, and dark green vegetables.

Sources Of Iron

Seafood - clams, oysters
Meats - liver and kidneys, beef, reindeer meat
Nuts/seeds - pistachio, pinon nuts, black walnuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds
Vegetables - Irish moss, chives, parsley, soybeans
Grains - wheat germ and bran, rice bran
Miscellaneous - red wine, black strap molasses, sorghum syrup, bone meal, yeast

Roles In The Body

Oxygen Transport - iron is part of the hemoglobin molecule that carries oxygen in the blood
Cellular Energy Production - iron is required in the final steps of the production of energy from food
Removal of Harmful Free Radicals - catalase enzyme requires iron

Synergetic Nutrients

Absorption - acid foods, animal foods, vitamin C, alcohol, glucose and other sugars
Utilization - copper, vitamin B12

Antagonistic Nutrients

Absorption - phytates, phosphate, egg protein, manganese, zinc, nickel, chromium, copper, calcium, magnesium, cadmium, vegetarian diets

Hair Analysis Notes

Iron is referred to as the strength mineral

Reasons For Iron Supplementation

→ to raise low sodium levels

→ to increase a low oxidation rate

→ to lower elevated manganese levels

What does it mean if your Iron result is too low?

Hair Iron (Fe) levels do not correlate with Fe assimilation as determined by serum ferritin, Fe binding capacity, or transferrin saturation. A very low hair Fe result should be viewed only as possible indication for further tests because hair is only a screening test for this element. Fe supplementation is not indicated nor recommended solely on the basis of the measured hair Fe level. Unwarranted Fe supplementation, particularly in combination with ascorbic acid, can result in Fe overload. A large body of scientific literature indicates significant relationships between dietary Fe overload and heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and arthritis.


Crawford RD. Proposed role for a combination of citric acid and ascorbic acid in the production of dietary iron overload: a fundamental cause of disease. Biochem Mol Med. 1995 Feb;54(1):1-11. doi: 10.1006/bmme.1995.1001. PMID: 7551810. [L]

What does it mean if your Iron result is too high?

High Hair Iron:

→ often associated with feelings of anger and hostility

→ more often seen in fast oxidation

→ often associated with high aluminum levels

→ can be due to an iron loss due to destruction of body cells

→ iron toxicity can be due to iron cookware or excessive iron in drinking water


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