Optimal Result: 0 - 0.005 µg/g.

Platinum (Pt) is a nonessential element that is sometimes detected in hair. However, the clinical significance of hair Pt has not been well studied. Hair treatments may contribute to artifactual contamination of scalp hair.

Pt is poorly absorbed in the gut but may be absorbed via inhalation. Since it is a relatively rare element, most Pt exposures are of occupational origin.

In recent years, there may have been a slight increase in environmental Pt due to the use of Pt as a catalyst in automobile exhaust converters. Pt is a byproduct of copper refining and used as an alloy in dental and orthopedic materials. Symptoms excess exposure to Pt include: dermatitis, irritation of mucus membranes, dyspnea and wheezing (for inhaled Pt dusts or salts), development of chronic allergic reactions (“platinosis”), nephrosis, and immunosuppression (from Pt diamine salts). Pt containing drugs, such as cisplatin and carboplatin, are used as chemotherpeutic agents. Such drugs are extremely toxic and cause nephrotoxicity with associated magnesium wasting and hypomagnesemia, myelosupression, ototoxicity, and neurotoxicity. Hair Pt levels will be very high in individuals exposed to the mentioned chemotherapeutic agents. It has been reported that DMPS did not decrease kidney Pt concentrations in animals that had previously been treated with cisplatin.

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