Anti DNAse B Titer


A healthy result should fall into the range 0 - 251 U/mL.

Deoxyribonucleases are abbreviated DNases. They are enzymes that are bacterial antigens found in Group A Streptococci bacteria. 

Group A streptococci can end up causing rheumatic fever 20 days after the strep infection and the kidney disease called glomerulonephritis 10 days after the infection. 

The AntiDNAse B Titer is a preferred test for those who have already received ASO titer tests that are false negative or have skin infections plus acute glomerulonephritis (kidney disease) and don’t react properly to ASO tests. It tests for poststreptococcal complications.

Normal Ranges for Anti-DNase B Titer in:

Adults: <85 U/mL

School age children: < 170 U/mL

Preschool children: <60 U/mL




Anti DNAse B Titer result calculator

insert the value from you Anti DNAse B Titer test result.

What does it mean if your Anti DNAse B Titer result is too low?

You do not have Streptococci infection.

Low AntiDNAse Antibodies is not a medical issue.

What does it mean if your Anti DNAse B Titer result is too high?

High Anti-DNAse Anbibodies in your test result may be due to:

- Group A Streptococcal infection exposure

- Contamination of serum during shipment or storage

- Liver disease (High lipoprotein concentrations in the blood mimic antibody activity.) 

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