Optimal Result: 0 - 2 mEq/g creat.

Chromium (Cr) is essential for proper metabolism of glucose in humans. It potentiates the action of insulin via glucose tolerance factor (GTF) which is Cr+3 bound in a dinicotinic acid-glutathione complex. Other functions of Cr include aiding in lipid metabolism and assisting with HDL/LDL cholesterol balance.


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What does it mean if your Chromium result is too low?

Significance of Low Chromium:

Clinical findings consistent with Cr deficiency are those of GTF insufficiency including diabetes, hyperglycemia, and possibly transient hyper/hypoglycemia. Excessive LDL cholesterol also may be consistent with Cr deficiency. Some investigators have linked Cr deficiency to ischemic heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Other Useful Analyses: Urine Toxic Metals and Essential Elements provocative testing with EDTA can be used to assess Cr stores.

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