2-OH-E1 (male)

Optimal Result: 0 - 5.9 ng/mg.

2-OH-E1 is considered a ‘good estrogen’ and it does not stimulate cell growth. It can block the action of stronger, potentially carcinogenic estrogens. When it is methylated to 2-Me-E1 it is cancer protective.

2-Hydroxyestrone is an endogenous biomarker and major urinary metabolite of estrone and estradiol. Along with 16α-Hydroxyestrone, 2-Hydroxyestrone is used as an indicator for increased risk of breast cancer. 

This metabolite of Estrone is considered protective. A comparison with 2-Methoxyestrone, its Phase II liver metabolite, may help with assessing adequacy of methylation processes.

The 2:16alpha-Hydroxyestrone ratio appears from the literature to be an important gauge of estrogen metabolism. In general, the higher the ratio, the less association there is with estrogen-dependent diseases such as breast cancer and lupus, and the more likely the person has a beneficial hormone metabolism. A 2:16alpha-hydroxyestrone ratio in serum greater than 0.4 is generally thought to be beneficial. There are numerous modifiers of this value, most of which induce changes in the level of 2-OHE1. These include intake of indole-3-carbinols from cruciferous vegetables, flaxseed, soy, omega-3 fatty acids, and vigorous exercise. All are shown to improve the levels of 2-OHE1 in most individuals. It is to be emphasized that some individuals in clinical studies have exhibited a paradoxical response to treatments that would typically raise the 2-OHE1 levels. Therefore, follow-up testing after treatment is strongly suggested. There may be an increased likelihood of osteoporosis with excessive 2-OHE1 production. It is important to note that the ideal upper limit of 2-OHE1 is not apparent from the existing literature. Attention to bone loss processes in the urine is perhaps warranted in individuals with a very high 2:16alpha-hydroxyestrone ratio.


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What does it mean if your 2-OH-E1 (male) result is too high?

High levels of the “good estrogen” are typically considered beneficial; however, when coupled with a low 2-OMe-E1, it may indicate poor methylation activity.

If both 2-OH-E1 and 16a-OHE1 are high, then total estrogen load may be high. Consider methods to better clear the estrogens from the body.

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