Active sperm

Optimal Result: 0 - 0 Units.

In a semen analysis, "active sperm" typically refers to sperm motility. Active sperm are those that are capable of moving, and sperm motility is an important parameter in assessing male fertility. Here's what active sperm in a semen analysis signifies:

→ Fertility Potential: Active sperm are essential for successful fertilization. Sperm must swim actively to reach and penetrate the egg for fertilization to occur. Therefore, the presence of active sperm indicates that there is a chance for fertility.

→ Quality of Sperm: Sperm motility is a measure of the quality of sperm. High motility suggests healthy and vigorous sperm, while poor motility may indicate potential fertility issues.

→ Assessment of Male Fertility: Semen analysis, which includes evaluating sperm motility, is one of the primary tests used to assess male fertility. It helps determine if there are any abnormalities in sperm movement that could affect fertility.

→ Classification: Active sperm are often classified into different categories based on their motility. These categories may include progressive motility (sperm that swim in a straight line), non-progressive motility (sperm that move but not in a straight line), and immotile sperm (sperm that do not move at all). Each category provides additional insights into sperm health.

→ Percentage of Active Sperm: Semen analysis results typically include the percentage of actively motile sperm in the sample. This percentage helps healthcare providers assess the overall quality of sperm and its potential to fertilize an egg.

Your semen should contain:

- Active sperm, each with a single round head and tail.

- A certain number of sperm.

- Have a pH that’s not too acidic.

- Fluid that turns to liquid in a short amount of time so it can travel through a woman’s reproductive system.

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