Abs.CD19+ Lymphs

Optimal Result: 12 - 645 /uL.

The biomarker "Abs.CD19+ Lymphs" in the T + B-Lymphocyte Differential panel from Labcorp measures the absolute count of CD19 positive lymphocytes, which are primarily B cells. CD19 is a marker indicating B cell presence, crucial for the adaptive immune response, especially in antibody production. This absolute count provides a specific numerical value rather than a percentage, offering a direct measure of the B cell population in the blood. It's instrumental in diagnosing and monitoring conditions affecting B cell function, such as immunodeficiency disorders, certain types of leukemia, and autoimmune diseases. Understanding variations in these counts is vital for evaluating the immune system's health and function.

What does it mean if your Abs.CD19+ Lymphs result is too low?

Low levels of "Abs.CD19+ Lymphs" in a T + B-Lymphocyte Differential panel can indicate a reduced number of B cells in the blood. This decrease can be significant, as B cells are key components of the adaptive immune system, primarily responsible for antibody production. Low B cell counts may occur in various conditions, including certain types of immunodeficiency disorders, where the immune system's ability to respond to infections is impaired. Additionally, it might be observed after receiving immunosuppressive therapy or in some genetic conditions that affect B cell development and function.

What does it mean if your Abs.CD19+ Lymphs result is too high?

Elevated levels of "Abs.CD19+ Lymphs" in a T + B-Lymphocyte Differential panel suggest an increased number of B cells in the blood. High B cell counts can occur in conditions such as certain autoimmune diseases, where the immune system is overactive, or in some types of lymphoproliferative disorders like B-cell leukemia. Increased B cell levels might also be observed in response to infections as part of the immune system's effort to produce antibodies. It's important to interpret these elevated levels in the context of the overall clinical picture and other diagnostic findings.

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