Optimal Result: 0 - 2.4 ELISA Index.

Saccharomyces cerevisae, baker’s yeast, contains Chl1p, a putative helicase with human homologs (antiSaccharamyces cerevisae antibody – ASCA). It is required for DNA repair, recombination, transcriptional silencing and aging. Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCAs) are a group of autoantibodies produced against antigens in the cytoplasm of neutrophil granulocytes and monocytes.

Known Cross-Reactions: Mannan, enteric bacterial antigens

Antibodies Appear: Crohn’s disease, Sjögren’s syndrome


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What does it mean if your ASCA/ANCA IgA+IgM result is too high?

Elevated salivary antibodies to ASCA have been detected in patients with diagnosed Crohn’s disease when compared to non-irritable bowel disease and non-disease control groups.

Elevated salivary antibodies to ANCA have been detected in patients with diagnosed Sjögren’s syndrome coupled with vascular manifestations, including cutaneous vasculitis, Raynaud’s phenomenon and peripheral neuropathy.

Serum ASCA and ANCA antibodies are well-established markers in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and both may be associated with disease phenotype.

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