Ab NK (CD56/16)

Optimal Result: 24 - 406 /uL.

Ab NK (CD56/16) refers to the antibody staining of natural killer (NK) cells to detect the presence of specific surface markers, CD56 and CD16. CD56 is a neural cell adhesion molecule, and CD16 is an Fc receptor. Ab NK (CD56/16) analysis is crucial in identifying and characterizing different subsets of NK cells, including the CD56bright and CD56dim populations, each with distinct functional roles in the immune system. CD56bright NK cells are known for their regulatory functions and cytokine production, while CD56dim NK cells are associated with cytotoxic activities and antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC). The assessment of Ab NK (CD56/16) provides valuable insights into the composition and function of NK cells, contributing to a better understanding of immune responses and potential implications in various health conditions.

What does it mean if your Ab NK (CD56/16) result is too high?

Elevated levels of Ab NK (CD56/16) may suggest increased activity of CD56bright natural killer (NK) cells, characterized by their regulatory functions and high expression of CD56. These cells exhibit low levels of CD16 and are involved in cytokine secretion and immunomodulatory roles within the immune system. Elevated levels might indicate an immune response, particularly in autoimmune disorders and viral infections, where CD56bright NK cells play crucial roles.

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