B. Henselae Ab (IgG), Titer


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Bartonella henselae antibody (IgG) testing is a critical diagnostic tool for identifying past or chronic infection with Bartonella henselae, the bacterium primarily responsible for causing Cat Scratch Disease (CSD).

This test measures the level of immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies specific to B. henselae in a patient's blood.

IgG antibodies against this pathogen typically develop several weeks after the initial infection and can persist in the body for a long period, sometimes even for years.

The presence of B. henselae IgG antibodies indicates that the individual has been exposed to the bacterium, and their immune system has responded to this exposure. In clinical practice, the significance of detecting B. henselae IgG lies in its ability to support a diagnosis of CSD, particularly in patients presenting with symptoms like fever, lymphadenopathy, and in some cases, more severe manifestations such as bacillary angiomatosis or neuroretinitis.

However, the interpretation of B. henselae IgG results requires caution; a positive result indicates exposure but does not necessarily confirm an active infection. For instance, in individuals with a history of cat exposure and compatible clinical symptoms, a positive IgG test might support the diagnosis of a current or recent infection. In contrast, in asymptomatic individuals, the presence of these antibodies might merely reflect a past exposure.

Moreover, in endemic areas where contact with cats is common, a significant portion of the population might test positive for B. henselae IgG due to previous, asymptomatic infections. Therefore, the clinical context, including patient history and presenting symptoms, is essential in interpreting the results of B. henselae IgG testing.

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