Optimal Result: 0 - 20.1 ELISA Index.

Actomyosin is a smooth muscle protein found throughout the body. In the intestinal barrier's epithelial cells, actomyosin proteins form cables called the Actin Network. This cable network crosses the inside of epithelial cells and connects to tight junction proteins on either side of the epithelial cells. At appropriate times this cable network of actomyosin contracts to open tight junctions so that small amino acid nutrients can get into the blood stream. To safeguard the body, the cable network expands to keep the tight junctions closed.

What does it mean if your Actomyosin IgA result is too high?

Actomyosin antibodies are another indication of intestinal destruction. Actomyosin is a complex of proteins that makes up muscle fibers and contributes to muscular contractions. Antibodies to actomyosin signal a breakdown of the membrane lining the digestive tract and hence leaky gut. Actomyosin antibodies indicate gut damage is severe enough to break through the cells, not just open the spaces between cells. This type of damage takes longer to repair.

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