Medical Practices

Why partner with us? 

Our innovation will win you new patients and wow your existing ones! The "experts" told us that changing healthcare was impossible. Well, we're not listening. Neither should you. Progressive healthcare practicitioners around the country are weaving HealthMatters into the fabric of their daily practice. They're using our industry smashing engagement technology coupled with 24x7 access to health data, a revolutionary communication platform, and much more every day. 

Your benefits at a glance


 Track all your existing patients' blood data in one place.


 See your patient's' progress.


 Forget about tracking biomarkers and blood panel results in messy spreadsheets or on paper. We handle HL7 Integration, PDF,  HTML and countless other file formats. 


 Keep in touch and follow up with your patients via the HealthMatters Messaging Center.


 Get access to 10.000+ new potential patients.


Easily follow your Patients

Through the power of the cloud, healthcare practitioners can see everything from patient full blood results charts to how patient activity, sleep, exercise, weight, mood and other life events correlate to blood result fluctuations.

Track individual patients from afar

How does my patient react to a new medication or lifestyle adjustment? How do they do over the holidays or on vacation? You can now remotely monitor patients, track their progress and intervene when necessary.

Optimize patient’s lifestyle

Visualize your patient’s data to help you understand what drives patients’ fluctuations and to identify teachable moments and determine how to optimize patient lifestyle.


Focus on problem areas

Access to lifestyle context associated with blood readings can help facilitate effective, proactive therapy and engagement. Add to that correlated activity, weight and blood pressure data and the healthcare provider has, at their fingertips, what they need to make proactive adjustments which may ultimately improve outcomes and lowers costs.

Improve Communication

Our standardized dashboards assist healthcare providers to interpret patients’ data and analytics in an accurate and consistent manner across their patient population. Healthcare providers can log into their HealthMatters dashboard to view patient status and communicate with the patient on a granular biomarker level.

Packages for Medical Practices


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