Corporate Wellness

Healthy Employee = Happy Employer

Who we are:

We provide the platform, Information & Expertise your employees need to get healthier and happier.

Healthmatters is an online health and wellness app that provides employees with direct access to tracking their biometric screenings and blood lab results. The tool is designed for users who want to track and improve their health. Healthmatters motivates users to make a lifestyle change towards a plant based diet, mindful living and incorporates exercise patterns to the daily life of employees. Through rich visualization, users are engaged in taking easy steps towards a healthier lifestyle. The team of medical, nutritional experts and lifestyle coaches are one click away to benefit users that have a tight schedule at their workplace. We’ve packaged HealthMatters for the benefit of employee wellness offerings, allowing employers to improve the health, well-being and productivity of their workforce in a personalized and sustainable way.

How it works:

- We focus on chronic but preventable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and COPD.

- Our programs are voluntary and create positive relations between the employer and employees.

- Healthmatters lifestyle tips and programs are easy to incorporate into an individual's daily routine.

- With our visual analytics tool it is very easy to see improvements rapidly.

- Engaging and easy to follow steps for transforming lives.


Employee Benefits:

- Implementing mobile therapeutics could save you millions a year.

- understanding of connection between lifestyle choices and health

- whole foods plant based eating education

- personal lifestyle tips

- healthy body and clear mind

- healthy and delicious recipes and food plans

- moderate workout plans

- mindfulness and meditation sessions

- community of plant based health practitioners

- healthy-plant based community

Healthmatters Dashboard

Each of your employees will have private access to their own personal health dashboard. A secure online platform will provide them with easy to understand graphics of their health data and personalized lifestyle and nutrition recommendations.

Track Improvements

We encourage your employees to send us their existing blood test results from previous screenings. Based on the blood work we will give personalized lifestyle and nutrition recommendations to each of your employees. HealthMatters is not tied to a particular blood test laboratory and we are happy to analyze and use blood work results data from any lab that you are working with. All necessary information for accurate health diagnosis and management is in your blood. Good news: blood cells regenerate every 120 days, so employees can quickly measure significant improvement made through lifestyle and nutritional changes.


Corporate Benefits:

- Reducing hospitalizations and health care costs

- Improving patient knowledge, satisfaction and clinical outcomes;

- Activating patients to better manage their own health and care.

- Healthy Perks = Happy Employees

- Healthier Employees = Healthier Work Environment = Increased Productivity

- Planning of healthy environment at the workplace ( healthy snack foods, in office meal plans, planning the work space according to health benefits of human beings)

Why your company should join?

Progressive companies around the country are weaving HealthMatters into the fabric of their health plans. They're delivering our industry smashing engagement technology coupled with 24x7 access to their health data, doctors, intelligent alerts, and much more directly to millions of Americans every day. The result... drastically reduced absenteeism, improved health and some very happy group administrators.




The HealthMatters tool addresses all of the above diseases through diet and lifestyle changes that are based on a whole foods plant based diet.


Why Plant Based Nutrition?

- A plant-based nutritional solution, which simultaneously treats most of our illnesses, is not a “magic bullet” but a gradual process where people have to learn how to eat their way to health.

- Nutrition that is truly beneficial to one chronic disease will support health across the board.

- There are virtually no nutrients in animal-based foods that are not better provided by plants.

- Genes do not determine disease on their own. The genes function only by being activated or expressed. Nutrition plays a critical role in determining which genes, whether they are good or bad, are being expressed.

- The same nutrition that prevents disease in its early stages—that is, before diagnosis—can also halt or reverse disease in its later stages, after diagnosis.

- Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence, and all parts are interconnected.


It's time to adopt new technologies to deal with preventable disease.

HealthMatters for Employers & Health Plans is currently working with a limited set of partners. For more information please email us at or call (424) 236-3263.

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